2016 December 11 - 2017 January 11

This round (to January 03): 1 ICOBID = 1300 SATOSHI

Last round (to January 11): 1 ICOBID = 1500 SATOSHI


Strong encryption and network hybrid PoW/PoS consensus maintain ICOBID a secure ledger


ICOBID block-time is 60 seconds AND ICOBID transactions are nearly instant.


POW/POS algorithm ensures absolute network security and benefits fairly both ICOBID miners and long-term holders.


ICOBID gives users the right to vote for great ideas. Winning ideas will in turn benefit ICOBID holders.


Icobid platform is in the progress of development. The initial coin offering - crowdfunding is executed to raise fund for our big project. Icobid platform will be the place for anyone to join, share ideas, vote for best ideas and earn from opinion expression.

    The birth and development of DAO - decentralized autonomous organization based on top of Ethereum are sastifying someone, some groups and some organizations in attracting investors. The concept of Vote, decentralized Vote from DAOs is being gradually popularized in the cryptocurrency world. Blockchain experienced people could understand the value of DAOs as well as know how and where to use them. However, others  are still vague about DAO and Voting.

    DAOs are the execution of the proposals on the ground of voting. Proposal publishing and voting are not complicated to perform but both do not benefit the publishers as well as the voters. Icobid platform has the same simple system to DAOs in publishing proposals and voting; however, it brings clear benefits to all joiners by the actualization of the most feasible and favored proposals through a professional operation which is different from DAOs' Ethereum contract-based autonomous operation.

    In terms of ICO, there're tons of ICOs that are running at this moment. However, there has not been any ICOs that you can see real result performed as the roadmap they announced up to now. The main reason is that ICO holders who receive the ICO fund are also the executers of the projects. They can choose to do nothing after collecting enough fund as their sole purpose. The only simple thing they perform their promise is to release a token, a coin. If all of fund from ICOs are held, spent and used worthily for those projects and Devs are just the ones who are hired to perform those projects, the best products for life will come.

        Regarding to the project of Waves Platform, its founders promise to build crowdfunding and trading platforms that do not rely on third parties which administrate and maintain them, sacrifice transparency, raise costs and risking loss or friction through reliance on a single point of failure. Waves targets at a decentralized platform that allows every user to issue, transfer, swap and trade custom blockchain tokens on an integrated peer-to-peer exchange. Tokens may represent a share in a crowdfunding project, financial instrument, or any other items with inherent value. If Waves Platform with those ideals above really comes true, you will be easy to publish a token, run an ICO crowdfunding for your own projects and there will be an outburst of ICOs than ever. Anyway, the momentum to achieve good quality projects after each ICO performed there is not established. In contrast, Icobid platform is the place only for meaningful ico-crowdfundings to execute the startup of vote-winning ideas and proposals.

        In summary, Icobid platform combines the ease of proposal publishing, voting of DAO and the advanced blockchain-based concepts of crowdfunding model from Waves to bring greatest ideas to life.

Blockchain Voting

ICOBID holders inside platform will benefit from denceltralized projects operation of winning ideas from voting.

Reward For Winning Idea

Winning idea will receive all amount of ICOBID used for a voting round to be considered initial fund for projects operation.

Reward For Winning Voters

Voters always benefit from the actualization of decentralized projects despite of voting for winning ideas or losing ideas.


80.000.000 ICB is reserved for ICO crowdsale and sold at 4 levels of price: 1000, 1100, 1300, 1500 Satoshi

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ICOBID investors have chances to earn more than what they invest. This is a giveaway promo for our believers and supporters.

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Decentralized crowdfunding means that only ideas win in a decentralized voting process to be actualizing operation.

Tokens Issuance

For each project, a specific kind of token will be issued as share for idea-based project. Project's profits are distributed to token holders

Actualization of Winning Projects

Fund keeper and steadily release to each project's team until they reach ultimate targets of project.


Each project needs a team to kick start up. High paying job positions will attract many skilful and talented freelancers..

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